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SUB1-JP073 | Gishki Vision | Normal Parallel Rare | Secret Utility Box

SKU: Gishki Vision|Secret Utility Box|Normal Parallel Rare Category:

Brand: Konami

Card Name: Gishki Vision
Code: SUB1-JP073
Rarity: Normal Parallel Rare
Passcode: 47106439
Type: Monster Card
Race: Sea Serpent
Archetype: Gishki

LEVEL: 2.0
ATK: 700
DEF: 500

If you Ritual Summon exactly 1 WATER Ritual Monster with a card effect that requires use of monsters, this card can be used as the entire requirement. You can discard this card; Add a card 1 “Gishki” Ritual Monster from your Main Deck to your hand.

Sold out!

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