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SOFU-JP032 | Two-for-One Team | Normal Rare | Soul Fusion

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Two-for-One Team
Code: SOFU-JP032
Rarity: Normal Rare
Passcode: 89928517
Type: Monster Card
Race: Warrior

LEVEL: 2.0
ATK: 1200
DEF: 1200

Once per turn: You can make both players reveal 1 card from their hands, and if both the shown cards are the same Card type, apply 1 of these effects, depending on the type.
● Monster Card: Each player can Special Summon their monster.
● Spell Card: Each player Draw a card 2 cards.
● Trap Card: Each player sends exactly 2 cards from their Main Deck to their Graveyard.

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