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SD30-JP002 | D/D Savant Newton | Normal Parallel Rare | Structure Deck: Pendulum Domination

SKU: D/D Savant Newton|Structure Deck: Pendulum Domination|Normal Parallel Rare Category:

Brand: Konami

Card Name: D/D Savant Newton
Code: SD30-JP002
Rarity: Normal Parallel Rare
Passcode: 19302550
Type: Monster Card
Race: Fiend
Archetype: D/D

LEVEL: 7.0
ATK: 0
DEF: 0

[ Pendulum Effect ]
You cannot Pendulum Summon Monster Card, except “D/D” monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once, while this card is in your Pendulum Zone, you can negate an activated Trap Card effect that would inflict Effect damage to you, then destroy this card.
You can discard this card, then target 1 “D/D” or “Dark Contract” card in your Graveyard, except “D/D Savant Newton”; Add a card it to your hand. You can only use this effect of “D/D Savant Newton” once per turn.

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