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LVP3-JP035 | Evil HERO Infernal Sniper | Common | LINK VRAINS Pack 3

SKU: Evil HERO Infernal Sniper|LINK VRAINS Pack 3|Common Category:

Brand: Konami

Card Name: Evil HERO Infernal Sniper
Code: LVP3-JP035
Rarity: Common
Passcode: 50282757
Type: Monster Card
Race: Fiend
Archetype: Evil HERO

LEVEL: 6.0
ATK: 2000
DEF: 2500

“Elemental HERO Clayman” + “Elemental HERO Burstinatrix”
Must be Special Summoned with “Dark Fusion”. Cannot be destroyed by Spell effects. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: Inflict 1000 Effect damage to your opponent. This card must be in face-up Defense Position to activate and to resolve this effect.

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