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HC01-JP029 | Barian Untopia | Super Rare | History Archive Collection

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Barian Untopia
Code: HC01-JP029
Rarity: Super Rare
Passcode: 30761649
Type: Spell Card
Race: Field Spell Card
Archetype: Barian’s


(This card is always treated as a “Barian’s” card.)
“Number” monsters you control with a Number 10X in their name, as well as “CXyz” monsters and “Number C” monsters you control, cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects, and your opponent cannot target them with card effects. Once per turn, if you Special Summon an Xyz Monster with a “Rank-Up-Magic” Spell’s effect: You can target that Xyz Monster and 1 monster your opponent controls; attach that opponent’s monster to that Xyz Monster as material.

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