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ETCO-JP038 | Goldilocks the Battle Landscaper | Normal Rare | Eternity Code

SKU: Goldilocks the Battle Landscaper|Eternity Code|Normal Rare Category:

Brand: Konami

Card Name: Goldilocks the Battle Landscaper
Code: ETCO-JP038
Rarity: Normal Rare
Passcode: 24521754
Type: Monster Card
Race: Machine

LEVEL: 10.0
ATK: 0
DEF: 3000

If this card is Normal Summon or Special Summoned to a zone that is not the center Main Monster Zone, destroy this card. This card gains 3000 ATK while in the center Main Monster Zone. Once per turn: You can choose 1 of your unused Main Monster Zones; move this card from your Main Monster Zone to that zone, then destroy all other cards in the column of the zone this card was in, the column of the zone this card has moved to, and all columns in between.

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