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ETCO-JP035 | Malice, Lady of Lament | Common | Eternity Code

SKU: Malice, Lady of Lament|Eternity Code|Common Category:

Brand: Konami

Card Name: Malice, Lady of Lament
Code: ETCO-JP035
Rarity: Common
Passcode: 25643346
Type: Monster Card
Race: Fiend
Archetype: Lady of Lament

LEVEL: 3.0
ATK: 1000
DEF: 1000

(Quick Effect): You can Tribute 2 Monster Card, then target 1 of your Normal Trap Card that is banished or in your Graveyard; Set that target, but place it on the bottom of the Main Deck when it leaves the field. You can only use this effect of “Malice, Lady of Lament” once per turn.

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