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DUNE-JP023 | Thestalos the Shadowfire Monarch | Super Rare | Duelist Nexus

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Thestalos the Shadowfire Monarch
Code: DUNE-JP023
Rarity: Super Rare
Passcode: 77832858
Type: Monster Card
Race: Pyro
Archetype: Monarch

LEVEL: 10.0
ATK: 3000
DEF: 1000

You can Tribute Summon this card by Tributing 1 monster your opponent controls and 1 Tribute Summoned monster you control. If this card is Tribute Summoned: You can banish 1 random card from your opponent’s hand, and if you do, inflict 1000 Effect damage to your opponent, then, if this card was Tribute Summoned by Tributing a Level 8 or higher Tribute Summoned monster, you can apply this effect.
● Banish 1 card on the field, and if it was a FIRE or DARK Monster Card, inflict damage to your opponent equal to its original Level x 200.

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