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BODE-JP040 | Ultimate Flagship Ursatron | Secret Rare | Burst of Destiny

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Ultimate Flagship Ursatron
Code: BODE-JP040
Rarity: Secret Rare
Passcode: 33250142
Type: Monster Card
Race: Machine
Archetype: Drytron

LEVEL: 7.0
ATK: 2000
DEF: 700

(This card is always treated as an “Ursarctic” and “Drytron” card.)
Must be Special Summoned with “Ursarctic Drytron”. Once per turn, if another Effect Monster is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can add 1 “Ursarctic” or “Drytron” Monster Card from your Main Deck to your hand. Once per turn: You can target 1 of your banished “Ursarctic” or “Drytron” monsters; add it to your hand.

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