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AC03-JP025 | Harmonic Synchro Fusion | Ultra Rare | Animation Chronicle 2023

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Harmonic Synchro Fusion
Code: AC03-JP025
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Passcode: 07473735
Type: Spell Card
Race: Normal Spell Card
Archetype: Fusion (archetype)


Send 2 face-up monsters you control to the GY (1 Tuner and 1 non-Tuner); Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster and 1 Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck that can be Fusion Summon and Synchro Summoned using only those 2 monsters in the GY as material. You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck the turn you activate this card, except Fusion and Synchro Monsters. You can only activate 1 “Harmonic Synchro Fusion” per turn.

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