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22PP-JP013 | Numbers Eveil | Ultra Rare | Premium Pack 2022

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Brand: Konami

Card Name: Numbers Eveil
Code: 22PP-JP013
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Passcode: 20994205
Type: Spell Card
Race: Normal Spell Card
Archetype: Number (Spell/Trap archetype)


If your opponent controls a monster(s) Special Summoned from the Extra Deck and you do not: Choose 4 “Number” Xyz Monsters from your Extra Deck with different Ranks, plus a 5th “Number” Xyz Monster whose “Number” value in its name equals the combined “Number” values of the 4 other monsters, Special Summon that 5th “Number” monster (this is treated as an Xyz Summon), and attach the 4 chosen monsters to it as material, but you cannot Special Summon monsters, except “Number” Xyz Monsters, while you control that face-up monster.

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